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Commercial Cleaning Services Throughout Durham, Raleigh and the Triangle Area

Our way of making your facility tidier and safer

Commercial Cleaning

Daytime and Nighttime Cleaning Consisting of Essential Cleaning Duties

Cleanliness is essential to the everyday functionality of commercial spaces. Our top of the line general cleaning services see to your facility's day-today needs. Count on us to vacuum, collect trash, replenish paper supplies, and ensure that your commercial space is always pleasant. We also take care of carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and carefully wiping down furniture and equipment. Depending on what works best for your business, your cleaning schedule can be during the day or night.

We clean all kinds of commercial facilities, including:

- Daycares

- Churches

- Office Buildings

- Schools

- Medical Facilities

A Step Above Basic Cleaning Services

We know that the general upkeep and overall cleanliness of a facility starts with the basics. That's why we provide staff during business hours as well as after—to reset your facility in preparation for the next day. Day to day, every facility requires trash collection, vacuuming, dusting, bathroom sanitizing, mopping, and replacing paper supplies. At Moore's Cleaning, we offer all the essential cleaning services and more! On top of our superb basics, our staff is able to run autoscrubbers for routine floor care or extraction carpet machines for spot cleaning in carpets. We work with you and your building to develop a unique cleaning plan tailored to your specific needs—ensuring your building is always looking its best.

Contact us today so we can put our expertise to work for you—providing reliable estimates tailored to your facilities unique needs. After recieving your schedule, we’ll recommend whether you should implement daytime cleaning, nighttime cleaning, or a combination of both. We also set up weekly inspections with you or a member of your staff just to ensure customer satisfaction and identify any problem areas should they arise—allowing us to implement a new and specialized protocol that works for your unique facilities.

Our Commitment to You

Our company cares deeply about the comfort and safety of your learning, work, or otherwise commercial environment. We know that there are patients, children, employees, customers, and people from all walks of life that depend on our performance to move safely and comfortably through all of our facilities. We're a cleaning company in the Tri-Area that not only has the experience and capabilities, but the desire to keep everyone involved in what you do confident that their facility is well-cared for and pleasant to exist in. From yearly floor maintenance, to daily cleaning tasks, to changing light bulbs and vent filters, our team at Moore's Cleaning Tri-Area is here for it all. Reach out to us today!

We offer for Janitorial Services, Day Porter Services, And Nightly Cleaning Services:

-Floor care & Commercial carpet cleaning

-Power washing sidewalks

-Trash can emptied/replace bags(waste removal & recycling)

-refill soap and paper towel dispensers

-Cleaning/sanitizing of Toilets, urinals, and sinks

-Replace urinal screens and air fresheners for bathroom, offices, or any other areas.

-Sweeping and Mopping of entire facility.

-Wiping down or dusting desk, cubicles, window seals, blinds, computers

-Window cleaning, mirror cleaning.

-Sanitizing/disinfecting of entire rooms/high traffic areas, or just door knobs, and railings.